Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Part 2 of 2 Victory Celebration

Did you really doubt me? I remember reading something about how cell phone only users were widely Democrats and would save the Democratic Party from destruction...

Here is the Map. Find Missouri

Notice how Blunt won by a wider margin than expected? Perhaps you remember certain friends pushing away the Rasmussen polls, saying how inaccurate and Republican-friendly they were? Rasmussen thought 9 points in Blunt's favor...

Blunt won by 13.7 points, the largest margin in decades!

How did this happen? Rural voters!

Yes, the rural voters, usually ignored in favor of St. Louis or Kansas City voters, propelled Blunt to a massive victory and easily erased any hope Carnahan had with her Democratic strongholds.

People angry at the Government helped too!

Here is a report from the Victory Celebration in Springfield! Listen to Blunt's speech!

I said a few weeks ago that this race was over! For the most part, Missouri voted in the right direction, although many rural voters are upset at Prop B barely passing.

To those of you that are worried, my experience in Jefferson City tells me that the Missouri Legislative Branch will find a way where it won't affect Agriculture (probably by defining "pets" a little more specifically so as not to include livestock). Missouri is very, very, very good at finding little loopholes and problems that can negate unpopular measures. (Yes, Prop B did win with the most votes, barely, but it should be noted that the Legislature is Republican...and any Republican will be a hero if they pass anything that will fight Prop B, or if nothing else, clear up the language issues.) Watch for the eventual lawsuit! :)

Thanks to you, Roy Blunt is in the Senate.

With that, this little experiment comes to a close. "Roy's Rangers" has evolved over the weeks, hopefully for the better. Maybe in 2012 you will see us again, backing the right candidate. If a candidate doesn't know the truth of wrong or right, you can bet...

...the eyes of the Rangers will be upon them.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Part 1 of 2 Victory Celebration

We are posting an entry tomorrow celebrating Roy's victory. Here are some morale boosters.

Here are the polls

Yes, I know these are the same, check the Analysis.

"10/30/10 --
This race is pretty close to over. Carnahan has actually lost some ground over October, and it is hard to see how she pulls this one out now."

Need more? Here are some predictions.

"Robin Carnahan will lose..."

It's ok. I know you aren't clicking the links. I posted the important bits.

The Lebanon Daily Record also wants you to vote for Roy

While we are celebrating Roy's victory, I also want to point out (for those in the 18th Senatorial District) that we need people helping out Brian Munzlinger. We want a sweep here at Roy's Rangers and we need you to help.

Check Brian Munzlinger's Website.

Will this suffice? Yes? No? Too bad, you'll get more tomorrow.

One more thing. Tomorrow...


Monday, October 25, 2010

The Big 10

We have finally surpassed the barrier that has given the Carnahan clan hope. No amount of spin can explain away Roy Blunt's ten point lead!

It just goes to show you that experience and hard work will pay off. Payday isn't until Election Day though, so keep working to ensure Roy Blunt's victory!

You know that Carnahan's Campaign is well aware of this and will be pulling out all the stops in their last gasp. They will use every trick at their disposal to paint Roy as a corrupt Washington insider.

Some people, however, won't be buying it.

The smart people reading this blog won't buy it either. We all know Roy represents Missouri's best interests. His experience and plans for jobs, education and affordable healthcare are paramount in his campaign and we know he will deliver, like he has for so long.

Carnahan, on the other hand, has been focusing too much on creating bull rather than stopping the bull. Her hypocritical ways have turned off many voters and frankly I don't blame them.

I'm keeping this post light, you know the drill. Keep fighting for Roy and he'll keep fighting for you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"As Far as We're Concerned, The Race is Over"

Pro-Blunt American Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio put it very nicely. The American Crossroads is pulling out of the Senate Race simply because they don't think their help is needed anymore.

Those of you who clicked the link (you did, right?) would also notice that the article doesn't end there. It goes on to say that the Democrats are pulling a last desperate attempt to derail Blunt's campaign. So what is this superweapon?

...a Hispanic maid?
Not just any Hispanic illegal! And Blunt hired her to do housework!!!
Not exactly...

Blunt told the St. Louis Post Dispatch Wednesday that he did not recall the woman in question ever doing any work for him as a housekeeper. Blunt's spokesman, Rich Chrismer, said in a statement Tuesday that the woman "never worked for the Blunts. She simply helped out at a couple of church events." (Same Article)
Well...there goes that superweapon...

Roy, however, is adding to his "superweapon" ---The choice of the PEOPLE!---


We wouldn't have a post without mentioning ANOTHER endorsement! This time from the Washington Missourian. With all the endorsements Roy has acquired, I could wallpaper my room with them. Since my landlord would kill me if I did such a thing, I guess I'm stuck putting wallpaper on my computer...

Normally, I wouldn't touch the whole "Stimulus" fiasco, since there is conflicting reports over its effectiveness...but this is an interesting find...

From The Pitch:

So who comes out of Stimu-gate looking good? Oddly, it's Roy Blunt. As recently as last week, Blunt was slamming his senate race opponent Robin Carnahan for having the audacity to have a brother whose business received stimulus money, and he called it "a huge waste of money..."...In the mountains of paperwork the journalists working on the study read through, they didn't find a single letter from Blunt trying to divert cash back home.
Blunt has the momentum...

...Blunt has the lead...

...YOU have the power!

It's up to you to elect Roy!!! There is still time to help him out! The race may be "over," but this is no time to rest, we rest when victory is ours!

Let's clean up!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Once again!

When it rains,it pours and pours and pours and pours.

Once again, Roy has the endorsement of multiple newspapers. The Joplin Globe and the St. Joseph News-Press both praise Roy's experience and his connection with the views of Missourians. They rightly believe that Roy is the best person for the job.

Once again, Roy is victorious in the (final) Senate debate!

Listen to the full debate here!

(Note: two of the most heated sections of the debate are at the 23:45 and 40:00 marks of the audio file)

Once again, Roy has the advantage in spending power!


Carnahan (D): $2.2M raised, $2.1M on hand

Blunt (R): $2.4M raised, $3.7M on hand

Once again, you should help Roy seal away this victory!

Find your nearest Victory Office location here and ask how you can help Roy!

Once again, Roy has a new ad out that blasts Carnahan for her support of $500,000,000,000 in Medicare cuts!

Once again, Carnahan is trying to reignite her base with false hope. She thinks that Blunt leading by "only" five points is a victory. It could very well be a good sign for her campaign, however, the poll was conducted by the highly liberal Public Policy Polling group...and when a group this liberal still has a Republican in the lead, that should tell you your campaign is sunk.

Once again
, I question Carnahan's tactics in her advertising. Don't bother trying to find this particular ad, because it is literally Carnahan talking to, and I'm not making this up...

...a cardboard cutout of Roy Blunt...

Nevermind her unrealistic claims of putting a stop to earmarks by herself and cutting all Senators pay by herself, but the fact that she is about as close to a "Straw-Man Fallacy" as you can get. Carnahan and the camera both look at "Roy" while attacking the real Roy, with the camera even using goofy zooming effects.

The funniest part about this whole thing? Someone, somewhere, has it in the back of their mind that instead of their donation helping to buy air time or newspaper ads for Carnahan, they actually bought a cardboard cutout of the opposing candidate.

"I should have used my campaign contribution for McDoubles!"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Robin on the Ropes, Blunt Readies for Knock-Out Punch

Blunt v. Carnahan at long last. Carnahan's constant complaints about Roy not debating were finally answered. Unfortunately for her, she was much better off not debating at all. If you missed that lovely debate, here is all you need to know.

Not enough? Fine.

How about these highlights from the debate?

Not clicking the links, huh?

All right. Fine. This is what you need to know.

That is what you need to put in your mind when you go to the polls.

Even with Roy's great victory, there is more to come. Tune in Friday the 15th for part deux of the Collapse of Carnahan.

If you have read my previous posts (and I know you have), you may have noticed the Democrats are pulling funding from the Carnahan campaign.

While all this is happening, Roy has had his best fundraising quarter yet. Over $2.4 million dollars!

And the endorsements keep coming in too. The Quincy Herald-Whig endorsed Roy Blunt. Even though Quincy is in Illinois, it is also a main news provider to much of Northeast Missouri.

I can't help but think that Carnahan is backed into a corner with no way out. I fully expect a barrage of advertisements that become sharper and sharper until they become almost tasteless and offensive. Personally, I can't wait.

Carnahan is crumbling. Roy is rising. Roy has almost a ten point lead in the polls.

Instead of seeing two titans battle for Senate, we may just be watching Blunt's Superman versus...

Shark repellent, anyone?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Check out Roy's new ad!

Roy has launched another offensive! This time, however, he has supplemented his newest ad by touting the Sikeston Standard Democrat's endorsement of him and the NRA Victory Fund's endorsement of him, as well as a new coalition called "Seniors for Roy Blunt."

"Seniors for Roy Blunt" is a group that has supported Roy's policies for the elderly. They are vehemently against the Obamacare debacle, especially against the $500,000,000,000 (that's with a "b!") cut to Medicare that Carnahan endorsed!

Carnahan, in fact, should be in full panic mode now. It looks like even the Democrats at the National Level are starting to pull money from the Carnahan Campaign! If you just happen to watch the newest Carnahan ad, "Differences", you will even see her smile fade right at the end. Maybe she sees the writing on the wall.

And as Carnahan's credibility and support crumbles, Roy's has been bolstered significantly. Op-eds such as this one state that Roy is honest and a good listener.

That's all for today, sorry to disappoint.
Expect a bigger post this Thursday, Headquarters has been busy.

Sally forth, troops. Victory is ever closer.